Branding Guidelines

Hiwassee College Brand Identity

The Coat of Arms is new to Hiwassee College but represents our rich history, Methodist roots, and dedication to higher education as we move forward.


The Cross represents our Christian foundation; our commitment to providing students with a positive environment for spiritual growth.

The Open Book symbolizes literacy, scholarship, and our biblical foundation. It also symbolizes the passing down of knowledge to future generations.

The Tree is a Tulip Poplar represents the pride of our location in the state of Tennessee and the thriving life that continues to grow on our campus.

The Lamp which symbolizes the light of wisdom, intellect and good works, has long been associated with higher education.

The Wheat Grain celebrates Hiwassee College’s roots at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and represents our agricultural origins.

Doctrina | Fide | Servus: Learning | Faith | Service



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