Faculty and Staff

Dr. Tricoli


 Hiwassee College Organizational Chart

Senior Leadership


 Dr. Robin Tricoli


 Richard Beaubien
 Vice President for Enrollment Management


 Rebekah Moreland

 Interim Vice President of Business Affairs 


 David Watts
 Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs


 Ernestine Lucas
 Executive Assistant to the President



Dr. Robert Allen
Assistant Professor of English and Archivist


 Jon Berger
 Instructor for Mathematics


Kelli Biggs
Professor of Dental Hygiene


 Michael Bledsoe
 Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice


Dr. Curtis Chapman
Professor of English and Library Director


 Randa Colbert
 Director of Dental Hygiene


Dr. Scarlett Cunningham

Professor of English


Dr. Sam Dzobo
Professor of Christian Leadership


 Paul Ensminger
 Instructor of Forestry


Dr. Feyissa Gelalcha

Professor of Chemistry


 Anne-Marie Hodge
 Professor of Biology


 Sara Howe
 Professor of Business


 Dr. Dara Lindner
 Professor of Equine Science


Dr. Susan Little
Assistant Professor of Biology 



Eva RamseyEva Ramsey

Junior Class Coordinator

Dental Hygiene Instructor




Joe Ratledge




Robin Turner

Assistant Director of Library Services



Cindy WatsonCindy Watson
Senior Clinic Coordinator



Athletics Coaches

 Eric Best
 Soccer/Shooting Coach


 Ethan Carroll
 Softball Coach



Brandon Cerezola

Women's Basketball Coach


 Shane Gardner
 Baseball Coach



Caitlynn Millsaps

Cheerleading Coach


 Will Raby
 Men's Basketball/Golf Coach



 Gabe Watson
 Director of Athletics



 Bryan Woodlief
 Volleyball Coach





Diana Adams


 Blaina Best
Director of Student Affairs


Alexis Black

Resident Director


Jonathan Bray
Admissions Counselor


Cindy Buchanan



Arthur Cox
Director of Food Services


 Darrell Buckelew
 Director of Security


 April Debity
 Financial Controller


Amy Ferguson

Academic Coordinator for Talent Search


Leslie Fulton

Upward Bound Director


 Gladys Gonzalez
 Financial Aid Professional


Kasey Grubb
Assistant Registrar


Ashlyn Hall

Upward Bound Academic Advisor

Kaitlyn Hall

Academic Advisor for Talent Search


Lowell Hicks



Debby Houston



 Jennie Jones

 Accounts Payable

Nikki Littleton

Upward Bound Academic Adviser 


Robert Martin

Director of Maintenance and Housekeeping


Greg Mozer


Kenneth Patrick

General Laborer


Eva Pritchett


Juan Ramirez

Resident Director


Cristi Reed

Barn Assistant


 Jon Rowland 
 Chief Technology Officer


Starla Russell

Academic Advisor for Talent Search


Courtney Smith

Equestrian Center Manager


 Vickie Smith


 Elaine Tilley
 Director of Educational Talent Search


Lauren Valentine

Upward Bound Office Manager


 Elaine Walker
 Financial Aid Director


 Heather-Marie Webb
 Director of Human Resources


Ted Webb

Security Officer


Sandra White



 Makhaila Woodlief
 Admissions Office Manager