The Biology Center of Excellence offers faculty from diverse scientific specialties, and allows students to take courses that will serve as essential foundations for future careers.  After degree completion, students will be adequately prepared to enter graduate school, professional healthcare programs, or the workforce.

Graduate schools where alumni are studying include: The University of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University, East Tennessee State University, and Samford Pharmacy School.

Through the Biology Degree Program, students will acquire internships through hospitals, physical therapy facilities, medical office, athletic training facilities, veterinary offices, and pharmacies.

Postgraduate programs and career options include:

  •           Medical Doctor
  •           Physician's Assistant
  •           Professor
  •           Science Teacher
  •           Pharmacist
  •           Physical Therapist
  •           Pharmaceutical Sales
  •           Lab Technician
  •           Nursing
  •           Entry-level Chemist


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