Criminal Justice and Homeland Security


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Longing for a meaningful career of service to others in law enforcement, disaster relief, or counter-terrorism? The Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security offers a solid foundation in the areas of criminal justice, terrorism, and disaster management. From frequent work demands to family responsibilities—the online program is designed to give you flexibility you need to obtain your college degree, no matter your current situation.

In the Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Program, you will gain:

  • Focused instruction on acts of terrorism and the response and recovery actions of Homeland Security agencies and local governments.
  • Knowledge of the criminal justice systems and the various interrelationships among law enforcement agencies, court systems, and correctional facilities.
  • A survey of bureaucratic issues within criminal justice and national security intelligence agencies.
  • A thorough understanding of laws and other legislative actions that give authority to agencies involved.
  • The ability to cite arguments to support and oppose increasing executive power to combat terrorism.
  • Preparation for entry-level positions in law enforcement, security, protective services, and other careers in local, state, and federal government areas.