Equine Management and Training (B.S.)

The Equine Management and Training program will prepare students to become actively involved in various careers in the horse world. Students selecting this program will become proficient in all areas of management and training of horses and rider. Upon completion of the degree, students will have completed many hours in actual riding classes and will be very qualified riders, trainers, instructors and managers. 

The B.S. in Equine Management and Training is a 4-year degree for students wishing to pursue a career as a riding instructor, trainer, or barn manager. Classes in this curriculum include basic and advanced riding, teaching, stable management, equine law, and others. Students have the opportunity to ride and train several different types of horses and get hands-on barn management experience in the “Hay Barn.” The “Hay Barn,” named because of its hayloft, is managed by students in the advanced stable management class, where they can put their knowledge into application.

​With the opportunity to choose your own focus, students can make the program unique to their chosen interests within the equine industry. Students can choose to take advanced riding classes to further their education in riding, showing, different disciplines, etc. Or, they can choose to take advanced training classes to prepare them for a future as an equine trainer with a variety of specialties. Similarly, students can advance in riding instruction and barn management.

Students can also work with faculty to develop a senior internship, a requirement of the degree, that will further their knowledge in a chosen career path. These internships provide an advanced degree of learning and experience for students to prepare them for future jobs and employers.

​Hiwassee's program focuses on hands-on learning of useful and marketable skills and knowledge.  The barns and arenas are the classrooms, and every member of its faculty and staff is committed to its students’ education. The riding facilities include a dressage arena, a new all-purpose arena, a turf-jumping field, and several new school horses. The school has also branched into hunter/jumpers and western riding while still including the traditional dressage focus at Hiwassee. In addition to arena riding, there are many trails to ride through the managed forestland at Hiwassee.

For any additional questions about the program, please contact Hiwassee College.