The Hiwassee College Advantage

Stressed about student loans? Don’t be! 
Hiwassee College is the first college in Tennessee
to offer a unique promise to incoming students.
The promise is this:

After graduation, if your income is less than $40,000 per year, The Hiwassee College Advantage can help repay federal, private, and parent PLUS loans.

Program Details

Who is eligible for the Hiwassee College Advantage?

  • All incoming freshmen
  • All freshmen or sophomore transfers

What are the Hiwassee College Advantage eligibility requirements?

  • The student must graduate from Hiwassee College with a 4-year degree
  • The graduate must be employed at least 30 hours per week at minimum wage
  • The graduate must work in the United States
  • The graduate must earn less than $40,000 annually
  • The graduate will be eligible for loan repayment assistance until income rises above $40,000 annually
  • The graduate cannot be self-employed or employed by a family member

What Loans are covered under the Hiwassee College Advantage?

  • All federal student loans
  • Private educational loans
  • Parent PLUS loans

Hiwassee College Advantage FAQ’s

  • Can a graduate still use this benefit if they attend graduate school? Yes
  • Is there an option to delay this benefit for a time if the graduate works overseas? Yes
  • Can a graduate work multiple jobs that equal 30 hours per week to use this benefit? Yes
  • Can a graduate use this benefit if they are a pastor? Yes
  • Will this program work if the graduate is married? Yes

For more answers to your questions please contact us at:  - (423) 442-2001