The Hiwassee College Advantage

Stressed about student loans? Don’t be! Hiwassee College is the first college in Tennessee to offer a unique promise to incoming students this fall. The promise is this:

After graduation, if your income is less than $40,000 per year, The Hiwassee College Advantage can help repay federal, private, and parent PLUS loans.

Program Details

Who is eligible for the Hiwassee College Advantage?

  • All incoming freshmen
  • All freshmen or sophomore transfers

What are the Hiwassee College Advantage eligibility requirements?

  • The student must graduate from Hiwassee College with a 4-year degree
  • The graduate must be employed at least 30 hours per week at minimum wage
  • The graduate must work in the United States
  • The graduate must earn less than $40,000 annually
  • The graduate will be eligible for loan repayment assistance until income rises above $40,000 annually
  • The graduate cannot be self-employed or employed by a family member

What Loans are covered under the Hiwassee College Advantage?

  • All federal student loans
  • Private educational loans
  • Parent PLUS loans

Hiwassee College Advantage FAQ’s

  • Can a graduate still use this benefit if they attend graduate school? Yes
  • Is there an option to delay this benefit for a time if the graduate works overseas? Yes
  • Can a graduate work multiple jobs that equal 30 hours per week to use this benefit? Yes
  • Can a graduate use this benefit if they are a pastor? Yes
  • Will this program work if the graduate is married? Yes

For more answers to your questions please contact the Office of Admissions to speak with an Admissions Counselor about the Hiwassee College Advantage.

Contact Information:   (423) 442-2001