Transfer Agreements

The following list of colleges and universities have verified that they will accept Hiwassee College’s credits either as direct transfer or case-by-case basis. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is an excellent set of options for students who are earning dual enrollment credits.

If the institution(s) you are considering are not on this list, please check with Dr. Jason Leonard, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Hiwassee College (, who will contact the proper authority at the institution to determine whether the credits will transfer. Dr. Leonard continues to be in contact with multiple institutions, increasing the number of colleges and universities where credits will transfer. Please remember that not all credits will necessarily transfer from one institution to another. It may depend on similarities of courses between colleges and other individual policies of the transfer receiving institution.

Concerning dual enrollment credits, check with the transfer institution to determine whether it will accept coursework from any other institution. Some colleges and universities prefer that students take courses exclusively at their campuses instead of through dual enrollment with an outside institution.

Hiwassee College is currently working on obtaining a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) with two-year colleges from where students can transfer all their credits and work towards their baccalaureate degrees at Hiwassee. This TAG agreement can also include a smooth transfer of credits from Hiwassee College to another institution.