Tiger Tales: Justice Alameda
Justice Alameda, sophomore at Hiwassee College, is majoring in Psychology. After college, he plans on using his degree in an interesting way. Justice explains, “I plan on using my degree to relate to people in ministry. Also, my love for basketball will never die and neither will my work ethic. So, I plan on going overseas to do both. I hope to play ball and use my degree to impact others in a way that Jesus did.” He was born in Ogden, Utah, but moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee when he was eight years old. Justice graduated from Hixson High School and excelled academically and athletically. He was a member of the varsity basketball team for all four years of high school and a honor student. Justice was a part of history at Hixson as the basketball team made it to the Regional Semi-Championship game - the furthest they have ever made it in post-season play.
Alongside basketball, faith is important in Justice’s life. His peers in high school wanted to let him know that they admired his faith and strong-will on the court by awarding him with the FCA Athlete of the Year. “It was honor within itself, and it made anything I ever received kind of seem minimal because this was an award that combined God and basketball, the two things that mean the most the me,” said Justice. Outside of basketball, Justice enjoys several hobbies in his free time, such as reading the Bible, watching The Lion of Judah and drawing. 
A major hardship Justice has experienced is growing up without a father. Justice felt that growing up without a father affected him tremendously, but it taught him to be a role model for his younger brother. “ I know that I missed out on what it means to be a man. Without a father, you do not have a connection with your inner man. I missed out on learning on how to be a role model for myself, but I channel that to became a role model for my little brother.
It means everything to me to be the male role model in my brother's life. It gave me a chance to give someone something I never had. We both share the same father, and I knew he would have to experience what I did if I did not step up and take it as my responsibility.” Naturally, Justice’s relationship with his mom grew stronger as he got older. He credits her for helping him overcome the impact the absence of his father had on him. “My mother is my rock. She’s taught me everything I know and she stepped in and was both of my parents in one. She’s both superwoman and superman. Coming from a broken home and having to raise 4 kids alone, she has taught me how to persevere through adversity and truly and honestly how to be a man. She stepped in a gave me something my father never could, and that was how to have a relationship with God and glorify Jesus Christ. The way she taught me carried over into adulthood and now I have a great spiritual relationship with my Father in Heaven,” says Justice. Life today could not be any better for Justice. He is thankful for his teammates and his girlfriend for teaching him life lessons and for pushing him to be better every day.
A final quote from Justice, “Do not ever underestimate what God can and will do with and for your life. May the glory and the power be to God forever and ever through the blood of Jesus.”