Bursar's Office


Stipend Checks for Living Expenses

The Bursar's Office works closely with the Office of Financial Aid to determine a student's stipend check (living expenses).

A stipend check is the result of a refund due to the amount of funds exceeding the direct cost. Funding on your account comes from a combination of sources including, financial aid, scholarships, student loans, and cash payments. Once a credit occurs a check is issued within 14 days.

The total funding a student receives cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance (COA). The COA is composed by adding together the direct and indirect cost.

  • The direct cost may include the tuition, fees, and on-campus room and board. These are all items that are paid to Hiwassee College.
  • The indirect cost are expenses that you are responsible for while attending college. This can include books and supplies, transportation, personal expenses, and off-campus room and board.

To calculate your estimated stipend check, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Hiwassee College Tuition & Fees to determine your charges. 
  2. Login to the FA Portal and select the Disbursement tab to view all of your funding. 
  3. Complete and submit to the Office of Financial Aid the 2018-2019 FSA Credit Authorization Form.
  4. Complete the Stipend Determination Form to calculate the estimated amount.  


Hiwassee College cannot guarantee a dollar amount, exact date, or if a student will receive a stipend check  

Stipend checks are determined and distributed within 14 days of a credit created on the student's account

Hiwassee College Scholarships are not eligible for stipends and adjustments will be made if necessary

 Credits do not occur on your account until sufficient funds have been received to cover all tuition, fees, on-campus room & board

Stipend checks will be processed based on your choices made on the FSA Credit Authorization Form