Equestrian Center Facilities

The Main Horse Barn

Hiwassee College Equestrian Center was completely renovated by J.E. Miller and Company of Sweetwater, Tennessee in the summer of 2007. The Main Barn features:

  • Twelve 15′ x 13.5′ box stalls with rubber mats and fans   

  • Automated fly repellent system throughout barn   

  • Two spacious grooming stalls   

  • Indoor wash stall with hot and cold water   

  • Climate-controlled full bathroom with shower   

  • Laundry facilities   

  • Secure tack and feed rooms

In the fall of 2010, Hiwassee College Equestrian Center opened an overflow barn to accommodate additional boarders. Horses living in the Hay Barn receive the same care as the horses in the Main Barn. The Hay Barn features:

  • Nine 10′ x 10′ box stalls with rubber mats

  • One oversized Foaling stall  

  • Windows in each stall   

  • Secure tack and feed rooms   

  • Easy access to outdoor wash stall and grooming areas

Pastures and Turn-outs

The pastures and turn-outs at Hiwassee College Equestrian Center were designed to accommodate small groups of horses. The fencing was installed by Penrod Fence and Lumber Company in Simpsonville, Kentucky. Features include:

  • 4-board post and rail fencing   

  • High tension wire and electric fencing   

  • Run-in shelters   

  • Regular mowing and maintenance

The Training Arena

For optimum performance, equine athletes need excellent footing to train on. The majority of injuries in performance horses come from intense training on sub-standard footing. Hiwassee College Equestrian Center’s training arenas were designed with top performance in mind. Features include:

  • 20 x 60 meter dressage arena with sand and rubber mix footing   

  • Lights   

  • Irrigation system for a dust-free ride   

  • 65 feet of mirrors   

  • Regular dragging and maintenance

  • 200 x 150 foot oval arena with turf footing

  • 150 x 200 foot sand arena

  • Round Pen

Riding Trails and Riding Out

With over 40 acres of open hay fields, boarders and their horses can enjoy a quiet ride through the fields to get a break from training in the arena. An additional 100+ acres is available on campus for riding out as well.


For more information regarding facilities, please contact Courtney Smith at (865)282-8710.