Eric Wolfe Hiwassee College Baseball Tigers 


Tiger Tales: Eric Wolfe


Eric Wolfe is a Junior at Hiwassee College and attended Morristown West High School before committing to the Tigers. While maintaining a 3.8 GPA and landing 5 consecutive semesters on the Dean’s List, Eric is also a standout baseball player and the SGA President. Wolfe batted .410 last season with a +0.800 fielding percentage.

Working out, playing tennis and basketball as well as hunting and fishing are some of Eric’s hobbies. He also enjoys cars and takes quality time to work on his own vehicle. When asked what most people don’t know about him, Wolfe said that he love to sing.

When reminiscing about one of his most embarrassing moments, he talked about his high school graduation and how he was left hanging by the principal on stage after getting his diploma. Eric reached out for a handshake and the principal didn’t see him because he was waving at the camera. Eric proceeded to walk off as the principal then realized it and tried to reach for Eric’s hand. It took Eric a minute to realize he was trying to return the handshake. After much mix up, no handshake and lots of laughter, the principal and Eric awkwardly hugged it out and gave everyone a huge laugh on the jumbo Tron.

When Eric was two years old, his parents divorced and his mom and step dad raised him. When he was a sophomore in high school, he lost his step dad who had been battling cancer for three long years. He was an inspiration and father figure to Wolfe because he motivated everyone around him to becoming the best version of themselves. With his dad not always being around, Eric’s stepdad had to step in, fill that role, and raise him as his own. After being diagnosed, he got to see his stepdad stop drinking and smoking and he became active in church. Eric got to see him change and become a light to everyone around him. Wolfe describes his stepdad as someone people were drawn to naturally. And it wasn’t until after he lost his role model that he realized the positive impact he had on his life.

“Although he’s gone, I honor him every day with pushing towards my goals day by day in hopes of becoming half the man he was,” said Eric Wolfe. “Every day, when my feet hit the floor, I feel prepared for the obstacles I face because of how much he loved and pushed me.”


Eric credits how much his church and his real father helped him through the death of his stepdad. He had to find strength in order to help his mom through the difficult situation the family faced. “Thanks to my stepdad’s legacy, I have seen the way to be successful as a man, friend, neighbor and father one day,” said Wolfe.