Program Curriculum

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene


General Education

Communication 2120- Oral Communication

English 1010- Composition I

English 1011- Composition II

Psychology 1110- General Psychology

Sociology 1010- Introduction to Sociology

Math 1530- Probability and Statistics

IDSTU 1003- Great Beginnings

Religion 2210-The Religion of Judaism or a Philosophy/Ethics/Religion course

Religion 2220-The Beginnings of Christianity or a Philosophy/Ethics/Religion course 

PP 1010- Public Programs

Humanities electives ((4) 3-hour courses)


Science Core

Chemistry 1010 – Principles of Chemistry

Biology 2230- General Microbiology

Biology 2010- Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Biology 2020- Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Health 2000- Principles of Nutrition


Dental Hygiene Courses

DH 3010        Dental Hygiene Pre-Clinic with Lab

DH 3310        Beginning Instrumentation

DH 3210        Dental Radiology with Lab

DH 3110        Dental Anatomy and Tooth Histology

DH 3410        Dental Hygiene Clinical Practice I

DH 3460        Special Needs 

DH 3510        Foundations of Periodontology

DH 3760        Pharmacology

DH 3610        Head and Neck Anatomy

DH 3420        Dental Hygiene Seminar I

DH 3810        Dental Hygiene Clinical Practice II

DH 3840        Dental Materials with Lab

DH 3870        Local Anesthesia and Pain Control with Lab

DH 3820        Dental Hygiene Seminar II

DH 3880        Nutritional Fundamentals for the Dental Hygienist

DH 4110        Dental Hygiene Clinical Practice III

DH 4070        Advanced Instrumentation

DH 4380        General Oral Pathology

DH 4350        Supportive Periodontal Therapy

DH 4140        Community Health and Research

DH 4120        Dental Hygiene Seminar III

DH 4410        Capstone Prep

DH 4610        Dental Hygiene Clinical Practice IV 

DH 4560        Dental Ethics and Practice Management

DH 4570        Community and Dental Health Practicum

DH 4620        Dental Hygiene Seminar IV

DH 4910        Senior Capstone


*General Education courses must be taken as prerequisite courses before entering the Dental Hygiene Program.  

**Please note that dental hygiene/ assisting courses completed at other institutions are non-transferable and will not count toward course credit.



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