Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are accepted in each class?

The maximum for each class is 20.

Can I work while in the program?

While it is possible to work part-time a few hours per week, it is not recommended.

How many days/hours will I need to be on campus each week?

The schedule varies each semester but DH students should plan to be on campus from 8:00AM until 5:00PM 4 to 5 days per week.

What classes should I take for electives?

The elective classes must be 3-hour courses. Humanities courses such as psychology, sociology, English, communications, ethics or computer science would be helpful.

Can I be accepted to start the program in January?

No, admitted DH students begin the program only in the fall semester.

Do I have to be accepted to Hiwassee College before I apply to the program?

Yes, you must be accepted to the college before submitting a DH program application.

Do I have to take New and Old Testament courses specifically?

No. Because Hiwassee College is affiliated with the United Methodist church, 2 religion courses are required for graduation. Most ethics, philosophy or religion courses will fulfill the requirement. If you choose to complete your prerequisites at Hiwassee, Old and New Testament courses are offered.

Do I have to complete all the prerequisite courses before I apply to the program?

No. You must complete all prerequisite courses before beginning the program. You may be accepted if you have a feasible plan to complete the courses before you start the program in the fall.

Is financial aid available?

Yes. Please contact the financial aid office at Hiwassee for more information.

Is dental assisting experience required?

No. While it may be helpful, it is not required.

Will any of my dental assisting classes fulfill DH coursework?

No. The program does not accept any transfer classes as substitution for DH coursework. All students will complete all DH program in sequence as a cohort.