Equestrian Events

The Hiwassee College Schooling Show

23 June 2018

Held at Hiwassee College Equestrian Center, 225 Hiwassee College Drive, Madisonville, TN 37354 Judge Lori Hoos,  

USDF “L” Graduate with distinction and “R” USEF/USEA Eventing Judge, Franklin TN.


DRESSAGE CLASSES (2015 USDF Dressage Tests):  $25 each Sponsored Award: High Point Dressage (Training Level and above)

USDF Intro Tests: A, B and C

USEF Training Level Tests: 1 – 3

USEF First Level Tests: 1 – 3

USEF Second Level and above test of choice (TOC). Scored on a percentage.


WESTERN DRESSAGE CLASSES (2017 WDAA Dressage Tests):  $25 each Sponsored Award: High Point Western Dressage

Intro Tests: 1 - 4

Basic Tests: 1 - 4

First level and above test of choice (TOC). Scored on a percentage.


GAITED DRESSAGE CLASSES (2015 NWHA Dressage Tests):  $25 each Sponsored Award: High Point Gaited Dressage

Intro Tests: A, B and C

Training Tests: 1 - 3

First level and above test of choice (TOC). Scored on a percentage.


COMBINED TRAINING TEST (2018 USEF Dressage Tests):  $45/division Sponsored Award: Best Score Combined Training (Elementary Novice and above)


Jump Height Dressage Test


Green as Grass(GAG)​ ………… 18” max jump………….. USDF (2015) Intro Test A

Elementary Novice ​ ……………. 2’ max jump……………. USDF (2015) Intro Test C

Beginner Novice​ ………………. 2’ 6” max jump………... USEF Beginner Novice Test B

Novice​ …………………………. 2’ 11” max jump…………... USEF Novice Test B

Training​ ………………………... 3’ 3” max jump……………. USEF Training Test B


On-Grounds Schooling of Horse (non-competing horse)

Competitors who wish to take advantage of this opportunity need to provide a copy of negative Coggins, pay the on-grounds fee, bridle tag fee, and the office fee on or before the closing date. HCEC Hold Harmless Releases must be signed as well. When the horse is on the grounds, the bridle tag must be worn at all times.







This form must be filled out and the HOLD HARMLESS RELEASE must be signed in order for entry to be valid. Junior entries will NOT be accepted without adult signature. Please PRINT legibly!!



RIDER UNDER 18? YES ____     NO ___ ​ OWNER IF DIFFERENT FROM RIDER: ___________________________________________ HORSE: ______________________________STALLION?  YES / NO   RIDER: __________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________ State: ______ Zip: ________________

Phone: ___________________________________ Email: __________________________________________


Dressage Classes: ($25) Fees:

Intro: A ____   B ____ C ____ $ _________ Training:  1 ___ 2 ___   3 ___ $ _________

First:  1___ 2 ___   3 ___ $ _________

Other: _______________________________________________________ $ _________


Western Dressage:

Intro:  1 ___ 2 ___  3 ___ 4 ___ $ _________

Basic:  1 ___ 2 ___  3 ___ 4 ___ $ _________

Other: _______________________________________________________ $ _________


Gaited Dressage:  

Intro:  A ____ B ____ C ____ $ _________

Training:  1 ___ 2 ___ 3 ___ $ _________

Other: _______________________________________________________ $ _________


Combined Training Tests: ($45) Fees:

GAG ___   Elem. Nov. ___   Beg. Nov. ___ Novice ___   Training ___ $ ________


On-grounds Schooling of HorseFee: $10.00 for each non-competing horse only $ _________


Office & Facility Fee ($5.00 less if entry complete with copy of Negative Coggins) $ 20.00​ _____

Late Fee (if applicable)                       $15.00 $ _________ Number deposit (refunded with return of number) $ 2.00​ ______


TOTAL AMOUNT DUE (Make checks payable to HCEC) $ _________


The undersigned Exhibitor and any signing parent or guardian hereby (1) agrees to release Hiwassee College Equestrian Center, its officers, directors, employees, members or agents, and the Owners or managers of the grounds where this event is held from any loss, damage, liability or injury arising out of or resulting from this show or Exhibitor’s participation or entry therein; (2) agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend: the organizer, facility owner and the management of this show from and against any and all claims for loss, damage or injury, however caused, resulting directly or indirectly from Exhibitors entry or participation is this show or from acts or omissions of Exhibitors or Exhibitors agents; (3) acknowledges that activities with and around horses and horse shows involve inherent risks which are understood by the person signing and are expressly assumed. In the event of injury to Exhibitor or to Exhibitor’s animal or animals, permission is hereby granted to management for emergency medical treatment.

WARNING: Under Tennessee law an equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities pursuant to Tennessee code annotated Title 44, Chapter 20, Section 1.


Rider Signature: _______________________________________________________


Parent or Guardian: ____________________________________________________     (if under 18) Competitor Information



All entries MUST include a copy of a current negative Coggins and the HCEC release forms filled out, signed and dated by rider and/or parent or guardian if rider is younger than 18 years old. Stallions are permitted to show at HCEC.


Payment in full must accompany the entry form. If payment has not been received by closing date of April 20, 2018, the entry will be void. Checks should be made to Hiwassee College Equestrian Center.


Refunds: No cash refunds after closing date. Show credit will be given with a veterinarian’s or a doctor’s certificate/letter. RETURNED CHECKS for NSF will incur a $40.00 fee and a void entry.


Due Date: Entries are due to the Show Secretary postmarked no later than April 20, 2018. Mail completed entries to: Melissa McKenzie

163 Raby Hollow Road Kingston, TN 37763


Email Entries: Electronic entries may be emailed to Makayla Akins at akinsmakayla1@gmail.com and must be received by April 21, 2018. Payments must be sent by mail to Melissa McKenzie at the address listed above and must be postmarked no later than April 20, 2018. Your entry is not complete without payment.


Awards: Ribbons will be awarded in all classes of placements 1st through 6th place.  


Arena : All Dressage Tests will be ridden in a 20m x 60m outdoor arena. Footing is sand with a crushed limestone base. Warm-up for dressage is in an unfenced 150x200 foot arena with sand footing. Practice jumps on turf. Jump course will be in an unfenced turf field.  


Attire: Appropriate informal schooling attire is required. ASTM-SEI approved helmets and appropriate footwear is required and must be worn at all times when mounted. If you have any questions about appropriate show attire, please contact Melissa McKenzie before the show at mckenzieme@hiwassee.edu.


Parking: Ample parking for cars and horse trailers in a field near the arenas. Please follow the signs posted for parking, park only in designated areas.


Ride Times: Official ride times will be emailed out to competitors and posted on the Facebook page on Thursday April 26, 2018 after 6 pm.


Stabling:  Stalls available for $25 per day. Contact Melissa McKenzie directly at 865-603-4846.


Concessions will be on the premises


Dogs: Any dogs attending MUST be on leashes and under their owners control at all time.